The first World Conference on Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology (WCSET 2012) was organized by BRCORP at the Haailand Resort and Theme Park, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India during August 17-19, 2012. The conference received more than 200 papers out of which 113 were accepted for the oral presentation divided into five different parallel sessions. There were total 108 participants, representing 9 countries that contributed to the success of the first world conference. Dr. D. Venkat Reddy, Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, National Institute of Technology (NITK) Surathkal, Karnataka who was also the President of Cafet-Innova Technical Society (CITS), Hyderabad Chaired the Organizing Committee of the conference. Mr. R. Hafeez Basha, Co-Founder & Vice President – Technology, BRCORP and Assistant Professor, Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering (ECM), Koneru Lakshmaiah University, Guntur has served as the Organizing Secretary respectively.

Chief Guest for the inauguration was Prof. Jammi S. Rao, President & CEO, BRCORP who earlier served as Protem Chancellor, Koneru Lakshmaiah University. He inaugurated the conference in presence of Prof. Shovan K. Saha, Director–School of Planning and Architecture (SPA-Vijayawada) an Institute of National importance under the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India; and Prof. Chintakindi Sanjay, Director – GITAM University, Hyderabad Campus who were the Guests-of-Honour for the inaugural function respectively. Prof. Jammi S. Rao spoke on importance of Science based Engineering in Higher Education where there is an immediate need for upgrading the syllabus. He also gave plenary talk on “Bird Strike on Aircraft Engines” while Prof. Shovan K. Saha mentioned famous saying “An Architect’s Dream is an Engineer’s Nightmare” where Architects are responsible for the artistic design of a structure & Civil Engineer provide computations and prove that the structure is safe. He also suggested that it is very important to work in absolute cohesion. Prof. Chintakindi Sanjay spoke on “Research and Development a missing link” during the conference.

Dr. Subhasis Sen, Emeritus Scientist, Council for Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR); Dr. Chappidi Hanumantha Rao, Professor & Head, Department of Civil Engineering, Koneru Lakshmaiah University; Mr. Sandi K. Reddy, Scientist-E, National Institute of Rock Mechanics (NIRM), Ministry of Mines, Govt. of India; Mr. Mohammad Abubakr, Software Engineer, Microsoft R&D India; Mr. T. Prakash Raju, Network Engineer, IBM India Pvt. Ltd; Mr. Saikiran Chavali, Associate Applications Developer, Oracle India Pvt. Ltd. and Dr. Rongla Suresh Kumar, Corporate Trainer/ CEO-Campus2Corporate, were the keynote speakers respectively.

Prof. Goungara Lal Datta, Dean Retd., IIT-Kharagpur and Chancellor, Koneru Lakshmaiah University was the Chief Guest for the Valedictory Function of the conference. He appreciated his former colleague Prof. Jammi S. Rao, Conference Chair Prof. D. Venkat Reddy and Organizing Secretary Mr. R. Hafeez Basha, Vice President Technology, BRCORP for their efforts in making this World Conference a Grand Success. He felicitated the Plenary and Keynote speakers, and distributed certificates to the conference participants. Overwhelmed by the response Prof. Chintakindi Sanjay, Director – GITAM University, Hyderabad Campus made the announcement in the Valedictory Function to host the 2nd World Conference on Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology (WCSET 2013) at their campus in March 2013. He invited Prof. D. Venkat Reddy and Mr. R. Hafeez Basha to visit their facilities and offered to extent his complete support for the second world conference.

Conference Proceedings:

Keynote Lectures:

Bird Strike on Aircraft Engines
Jammi S. Rao
Research and Development a missing link
Chintakindi Sanjay
Advancements in Geotechnical Investigations
Chappidi Hanumantha Rao
One step forward and two steps Backward: The present status of Geological Sciences and a suggested upgrading
Subhasis Sen
Virtues of Earth Sciences and Vistas in Engineering Applications – A Typical Analysis
D. Venkat Reddy
R K Home Automation and Informative System
Ch. Saikiran Nageshwerrao

Applied Sciences:

Purification and analysis of Alkaline Phosphatases from ten different plant seeds
A. Chandra Sekhara Reddy, V. Praveen Kumar
Batch studies on CO2 sequestration and the effect of CO2 on production of pigments and antioxidants using algae
Pavithra G. S., Raj Mohan B.
Phytic acid: impact on environment and biotechnological solution to decrease eutrophication
Hassan Rostami, Archana Giri, Mohammad Z.
Bioremediation of Automobile Effluent Water
Chintadi Kusuma, C. S. V. R. Rao, R. Satish Babu
Assessment of bacteriological quality of drinking water – a case study in Vijayawada city
M. Tejaswini Meher, Chandana Sukesh, N. Tejaswi, Y. Monica
Rapid Invitro Rooting efficiency in Morus indica cultivars (S34, S54, M5 and Mysore-local) from invitro shoot cultures
Soujanya Pasumarthi
Genetic diversity of two lion-tailed macaque populations in western ghats
Akhila Dandamudi
Investigation of the potential antibiofilm activities of plant extracts
Karlapudi P. Abraham, Kodali V. Prabhakar
Understanding of ATP-grasp enzymes in comparison with kinases for drug repurposing
R. K. Kishore, Sreedhara R. Voleti, S. Asha
Volatile Constituents of Pinus roxburghii from Nepal
Akash Deo, Prabodh Satyal, AVNM Harisha, Asha Reddy Yeduru, William N. Setzer
Towards the prediction of a three-dimensional structure of human GLP-1 receptor
Ch. Lakshmi Padma, Sreedhara R Voleti, A. Ranganadha Reddy
Evaluation of Antibiofilm activities of Plant Extracts
Karlapudi P. Abraham, Venkateswarulu T.C., John Babu D., Kodali V. Prabhakar

Civil and Environmental Engineering:

Conceptualization of role of shearing stress in understanding earthquake mechanism
Umesh Prasad Verma, P. Hollis Watts, Amitabh Sharma
An investigation on confined fiber reinforced high strength concrete beams
Ch. Rambabu, T. Chandra Sekhar Rao, N. V. Ramana Rao
Sensitivity of Pushover Analysis to Design Parameters-An Analytical Investigation
K. S. Babunarayan, Ajay Goudar, Shilpa Koti
Geotechnical characteristics of lithomargic clay blended with marine clay as landfill liner material
Allamaprabhu Kamatagi, Sunil. B. M, Sitaram Nayak, Santosh Fernandes, Mohammed Zafar
Compressive strength recovery characteristics by recuring of (GGBS and Silica Fume) based concrete subjected to elevated temperatures and cooled suddenly in water
Murugesh Kittur, Subhash C. Yaragal, K S Babu Narayan
Strength recovery characteristics of blended concrete exposed to elevated temperatures, subjected to a thermal shock and then water recured
Hanuma Kasagani, Subhash C. Yaragal, K S Babu Narayan
Intercepting Seismic Rays before Entering a Ground Structure: A Conceptual Design
Subhasis Sen
Analysis of Composite Beams using Method of Initial Functions
Patel Rakesh, Dubey S. K, Pathak K.K.
Partial Replacement of Cement with Groundnut shell Ash in Concrete
Balakrishna Katakam, Chandana Sukesh, P. Sri Lakshmi Sai Teja, Nalam Tejaswi
Green Buildings and need of its Flexibility to create sustainability in every society
Pragyan Bhattarai, Nirmal Neupane, Suresh Chhetri, Chirayu Thapa
Effect of earthquake on structures and remedial methods
David Raju Vasimalla
Alternate Material for Sand in concrete
Ch. Hanumantha Rao, K. Shyam Prakash, A.N.V. Dheeraj, D. Kumara Swamy
Strata monitoring studies during extraction of thick seams by blasting gallery method-a case study
Kumar Reddy S., Sastry V. R.
Hydro Carbon Gaseous Anomolies found in Agriculture Field around Sagar- Damoh, Southern Fringes of Bundelkhand Region, Madhya Pradesh, India
Arun K. Shandilya, Anurag Shandilya, Anupam Shandilya
Comparison of 10 Potential Evapotranspiration Methods Under Different Climatic Regimes in Karnataka
B. Venkatesh, Neeta Nanbisan, Archana Kumarswamy
Evaluating the changes in Water Resources due to the Impact of Man-made Modifications for the Varahi River Basin, Karnataka
V. Jayasree, B. Venkatesh
Banded Amphibolites from Chotanagpur Gneissic Complex : An Evidence of Coexistence of Basaltic and Rhyolitic Magmas
Vikash Kumar, A. K. Gupta
Farmer’s Acceptance And Adoption Of Physical Social And Water Conservation Technologies In Adama Wereda, East Shewa, Ethiopia
Tesfaye Gebre, S. Chenchu Narayana
Land and River Management: Basic Need for Making the Country Safe, Prosperous and Environment-friendly
Subhasis Sen
Evaluation of wear properties of flue dust reinforced particulate polymer composite
N. Vijaya Kumar, M. M. M. Sarcar, MD. Inayatulla
Evaluation of dielectric properties of flue dust reinforced polymer composite
N. Vijaya Kumar, M. M. M. Sarcar, G. Suneel Kumar
Modeling and analysis of the aircooled ammonia-water triple effect cycle
B.L.V.S.Gupta, G. Sambasiva Rao, K. Mallikarjuna Rao
Rainfall Runoff Assessment By SCS-CN Method And Frequency Curve And Developing Of Synder’s Hydrograph for Budameru River (Case Study)
P. Sundar Kumar, V. Madhumathi, L. Lalitha, Nalam Tejaswi, G. Sri Ramalingeswara Rao
An Assessment of Soil Quality Parameters of Gannavarm area in Vijayawada City, Andhra Pradesh, India – A Case Study
Y. Eswar Rao, S R S Chandrakanth
Changing Trends In Facades: An approach through style, movements, character, material, technology and transformation
Srinivas Daketi
Development of a Web GIS Based Decision Support System for Agriculture Crop Monitoring System
D. B. Suresh Babu, V. Madhava Rao, I. V. Muralikrishna
Geoinformatics based Panchayath resources development plan
D. B. Suresh Babu, Phanindra Kumar T, V Madhava Rao, I. V. Muralikrishna
Integrated Remote sensing Study of Solipur Vagu Sub-basin of Kongal River – Slope and Land use/ Land cover mapping.
M. Suresh, J. Vijaya Kumar
Spatial information Technologies Based Integrated Spatial Water Harvest and Storage Location Model for Rainfed Watersheds
P. Sridhar, A. Siva Sena Reddy, K. Padma Kumari
Seasonal Water Quality Variation in two Different Cascade Systems in the Dry Zone of Sri Lanka
M. B. U. Perera, S. K. Yatigammana, N. P. Athukorala
Applications of Remote sensing and GIS techniques for land use /land cover and wet land mapping of coastal part of East Godavari district. Andhra Pradesh India
Padma Kumari K., Hashmath Jahan, V. Subba Rao
Analysis of Eutophication of Lakes in Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh using ARC GIS Software
Balakrishna Katakam, P.Srilakshmi Saiteja, Sukesh.Ch, M.Tejaswini Meher, Keshab Nuepane
GIS for rural health in India
A. D. Prasad, Kamal Jain, Ajay Gairola
Land use monitoring by using remote sensing data
Shagufta Akbari, A. Karthik, G. Venkatesh, S. Namgay, T. Namgyel
Estimation of geomorphology parameters for small catchment using GIS
Shagufta Akbari, A. Karthik, G. Venkatesh, Ratu, Sonam Tobgay, Kinley Penjor
Liquefaction Behaviour of Pond ash Improved with Stone-Sand Columns under Surcharge Loads
H. P. Singh
Improvement in CBR value of Soil Reinforced with Jute Geotextile
H. P. Singh
Suggesting an empirical formula for Indian code of precast concrete on the maximum and minimum diaphragm forces in high seismicity
Bhruti Sharma
Comparison of surface roughness produced on aluminium and copper work pieces by roller burnishing using FEM
P. Sachin, J. N. Malleswara Rao
Effects of Fibrillated Polypropylene Fibers on Plain Cement Concrete Composites
Vikrant S. Vairagade, Kavita S. Kene
Crack Resistance Behaviour of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Polymer
Vikrant S. Vairagade, Kavita S. Kene
Experimental Investigation on Compressive Strength of Fly Ash Based Polymer Concrete Exposed to Concentrated Sulphuric Acid
Aniket K. Chafle, S. V. Joshi
Low cost housing – simple in construction and economically best
B. Sai Doondi, B. Krishna Reddy, Syed Allah Bakash, NMV Vamsi Krishna
Performance evaluation of pull production control systems by Conwip hybridisation with simulation approach
O. Srikanth, B. V. Ramana Murty, N. Selvaraj
A study of manufacturing, functioning and the applications of geosynthetics in the field of construction
C. Vignesh Kumar
An Effective decision support study for evaluation of Topographical features using Remote sensing & GIS
P.V.S.Vara Prasad, SS. Asadi

Mechanical Engineering:

Experimental Study of Heat Transfer Enhancement of Nanofluid Dispersed in Ethylene Glycol
Hajime YOSHINO, Shuichi TORII
A development study of a furnace for the high moisture content biomass
Numerical Simulation of Air Flow Over a Passenger Car and the Influence of Rear Spoiler using CFD
Shyam P. Kodali, Srinivas Bezavada
Extraction of Merits and Demerits and Evaluation of Methodology used in Machine Transliteration Systems
H. B. Sale, N. K. Rana
Design and Operation of Tesla Turbomachine a State of the art review
E. Harikishan Gupta, Shyam P. Kodali
Fuzzy Logic Based Prediction of Potential Wind Farm Locations in Mettupalayam Taluk
L. Iyappan, P. Kasinatha Pandian
Process and Quality Improvement of Lining Disc by proposing improved method of machining used in “MISV” clutch and Brake arrangement- An experimental Study.
Ch.Koteswara Rao, Y. D. Dwivedi
Design of supersonic wind tunnel using method of characteristics
B. Parvathavadhani. K, Y. D. Dwivedi, Nirmith Kumar Mishra
Comparative study of pigeon and parrot wing with effect of alula
Cathrine Mary Johnson, R. Shravanthi, Y. D. Dwivedi
Aerodyamic analysis of bird wing with and without alula
S. Mounika, C. Anusha, Y. D. Dwivedi
Comparative study of fixed and isolated base system using different elastomeric bearings
Aditya Sharma
Non-linear analysis of various type of skewed cylindrical shell
Navjeet Badoniya, Rahul Sen, Manoj Jharia
Experimental study of fatigue life prediction of a butt weld joint
Vinod Bansode, N. D. Misal
Nano-Solar – A Technique for Optimal Usage of Solar Energy
Harish Thutupalli
Stresses on various components of a Thermo Nuclear Fusion Reactor during plasma confinement – A Review
Hafeez Basha R, P. Saha, N. Vinod Kumar, P. Vinay, M.S. Siddhartha, Ch. V. Chakrapani
Analysis of Stress behaviour on the Cryostat to protects the superconducting electro magnet systems of a Thermo Nuclear Fusion Reactor
Hafeez Basha R, P. Saha, DNS Praveen,S. Kalyan Yerramilli, G. Vishnu Teja, N. Kedarnath

Computer and Electrical Engineering:

Study of thermo acoustical parameters in binary liquid system at different temperatures
Fakruddin Sk., Srinivasu Ch., Narendra Kolla
A Novel Approach of Intrusion Detection using Classification Rules
SK. Razia, A.S.N. Chakravarthy
Modeling of Electrochemical Discharge Matching Process using Radial Basis Function Neural Network
K. Shanmukhi, Pandu R. Vundavilli
Wireless charging with inductive coupling uses an Electromagnetic Field that transfers Energy from the Transmitter to the Receiver
Rayapuredddy Janaki, Ande Anusha, Kandavelli Kala Srujana, Madivada Krishna Madhuri
Design of Single Phase Multi Level Step Up Inverter
Jonnalagadda K Sri Ganesh, B. Narendra
Simulation of sensorless speed control of induction motor using model reference adaptive technique
Younus Mohamad, Abdul Ahad, Rajini
Implementation of Power Electronics in Power Transmission Systems for the Control of HVDC Bridges
K. Havila, G. Bharathi
Power Generation and Boiler Efficiency Improvement in Metahara Sugar Factory
W. M. Fikru, Sp. Chary, T. Solomon
Microcontroller Based Cryptosystem With Key Generation Unit
Phase-Adaptive Super resolution of Mammographic Images Using Discrete and Stationary Wavelets
T. Kumar, S. Leela Lakshmi
Ranking the Spatial Data by Quality Preferences
Jhansi Perneti, D. Siri, P. Raja Prakash Rao
Sliding Mode Current Controller for Transformer Less DC–DC Converter with High Step-Up Voltage Gain
Md.Gouse Baig, Abdul Ahad, Rajini
Estimation of Speed and Torque of PMBLDC Motor with PI and DSP Control Techniques
T. Lova Lakshmi, G. Bharathi
Implementation of FPGA Based 3- Phase Inverter FED BLDC Motor
K. Alfoni Jose, S. M. Padmaja
Modeling and Analysis of Multilevel Static Synchronous Compensator
Y. T. R. Palleswari, M. V. Srikanth
LPCM Controller for Dc–Dc Boost Converter With High Step-Up Voltage Gain without an Extremely High Duty Ratio
G. Ramanjaneyulu, M. Subbarao
Self-Controlled Permanent Synchronous Motor Drive
S. Avinash, Abdul Ahad, Rajini
Performance of Power-Management Strategies for a Voltage Controlled Grid Connected Photovoltaic and Fuel Cell Hybrid System
N. Ramakrishna, Sunil
Implementation of Area Efficient High Speed Viterbi Decoder
Adam Shafi Shaik, P. Ramesh, L. Srinivasa Rao, K. Satish Babu
Step up DC/DC converter for renewable energy application
T. Sai Lakshmi, P. V. V. Rama Rao
Performance of a 5-Level Hybrid Multilevel power conversion System Fed Induction Motor Drive
S. Anusha, P. V. V. Rama Rao
Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Multilevel Inverter Applied to Induction Machine Drive
M. Krishna Chaitanya, P.V.V. Rama Rao
Direct torque control analysis of permanent magnet synchronous motor
S. Mani Manjari, K. P. Swaroop
Power quality improvement for grid connected wind energy system using SVC light
B.V.V.L Kala Bharathi
Language Pedagogy: Developing Speaking Skills using Computer Assisted English Language Learning Software
K. V. Madhavi, V. Anuradha
Use of Language as Thematic Focus in the Fictions of R. K. Narayan and Arundhati Roy: A Comparison
N. Prasanna Lakshmi
Nine Level Cascaded H-Bridge with Series Connected Input DC Voltage Sources employing Bidirectional Switches
Deepti Prasanna Tata, Rama Rao PVV