The fourth World Conference on Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology (WCSET 2015) was organized by the BRCORP at Kumamoto University, Japan during 24-26 October 2015. The conference received 159 papers out of which 120 were accepted for the oral presentations divided into five parallel sessions. However, only 98 papers were considered for publication in the conference proceedings with ISBN 13: 978-81-930222-1-4. There were total 137 participants, representing 17 different countries. Prof. Shuichi TORII, Assistant Director, Centre for Globalization, Kumamoto University was the Conference Chairman and Mr. Hafeez Basha, Vice President – Technology, BRCORP was the Secretary along with students of Kumamoto University International Students’ Association (KUMISA) as the organizing members.

Prof. Hiroshi Yamada, Science Advisor to Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), Government of Japan and Director, National Institute for Fusion Science was the Chief Guest. Prof. Kazuki Takashima, Director – Centre for Globalization & Vice President of Kumamoto University and Mr. Hiromitsu Yagi, Secretary General of Kumamoto International Foundation (KIF) were the Guests-of-Honour respectively. Prof. Jun Otani, Dean, Graduate School of Science and Technology (GSST), Kumamoto University gave the welcome address while Prof. Mitsuyo Kishida, Director for the International Joint Education Program (IJEP) introduced courses offered by Kumamoto University for foreign students. Prof. ASN Chakravarthy, Chief Technology Officer, BRCORP introduced the company and the previous conferences.

Prof. Mitsuru Kikuchi, Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Govt. of Japan & Visiting Professor, Osaka University; Prof. Wybe Kuitert, Seoul National University, South Korea; Prof. Cheng-Hsin Chuang, Southern Taiwan University of Science & Technology, Taiwan; Prof. Hideaki Ohgaki, Kyoto University, Japan; Prof. Amde M. Amde, University of Maryland, USA, Prof. Kyuro Sasaki, Kyushu University, Japan and Prof. Shiva Das Sivasubramaniam, Nottingham Trent University, UK were the plenary speakers respectively. Prof. Tae Seong Kim, Kyung Hee University, South Korea; Prof. N. S. Mohan, Manipal University, India; Prof. Muhammad Harunur Rashid, Khulna University of Engineering & Technology Bangladesh, Dr. Srikanth Prabhu, Manipal University, India; and Dr. Riken Homma, Kumamoto University, Japan were the keynote speakers during the parallel sessions. There was also a special session on Nuclear Fusion Energy which included talks by Dr. Junichi Miyazawa and Dr. Daiji Kato from National Institute of Fusion Science, Japan along with Ms. Aparajita Mukherji from ITER-India and Mr. Kishore Mishra from Kyushu University, Japan.

During the valedictory function of the conference Prof. Kyuro SASAKI from Department of Earth Resources Engineering, Kyushu University, Japan felicitated the Keynote Speakers and the Session Chairs / Co-Chairs for their contribution. Prof. Shuichi TORII, Conference Chair felicitated committee members of Kumamoto University International Student’s Association (KUMISA) for volunteering as organizing committee members. Mr. Hafeez Basha, Vice President – Technology, BRCORP announced that the next conference in series shall be co-organized with Vietnam National University (Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology) during 02-04 June 2016. Field trip was arranged by Kumamoto International Foundation (KIF), City Government of Kumamoto on last day of conference to visit Tsujunkyo Waterfalls, Mifune Dinosaur Museum, Suizenji Park (traditional Japanese Gardens), Kumamoto Castle and Walk tour at Shinmachi Town. Also, private trips to Mount ASO largest active Volcano & Caldera in the world, Onsen Japanese Hot Spring, etc.

Conference Proceedings:

ISBN 13: 978-81-930222-1-4

Plenary Sessions:

Fusion Power to solve Energy issue for Human
Topography and history: patterns in Tokyo’s green infrastructure
Multidisciplinary Integration Focus on Point-of-Care Testing
Cheng-Hsin CHUANG
Clean and Efficient Utilization of Low Rank Coals and Biomass by Solvent Treatment
Hideaki OHGAKI
Mitigation of Delayed Ettringite Formation in New and Old Concrete
Amde M. Amde, Richard A. Livingston
An Integrated Regional Low Carbon Society using with CO2 Geological Storage and Utilization
Malignant cancer versus non-malignant trophoblast: The similarities between trophoblast and tumour invasion
Shiva Das Sivasubramaniam

Special Session on Nuclear Fusion:

Japanese Endeavor to Establish Technological Bases for Fusion Demonstration Reactor
Hiroshi YAMADA
Indian Fusion Programme and Contribution for ITER Project
Aparajita Mukherji
Options in the design of helical fusion reactor FFHR-D1 and C1
J. MIYAZAWA, T. Goto, N. Yanagi, T. Tanaka, H. Tamura, S. Masuzaki, J. Yagi, R. Sakamoto, A. Sagara
Atomic and molecular data and modeling of tungsten plasma -facing materials for fusion energy
D. KATO, H. A. Sakaue, I. Murakami, N. Nakamura, T. Muroga
Development of a Novel Passive Imaging System for Measurement of Plasma Thermal Emission
Kishore Mishra, H. Idei, Y. Hayashi, T. Onchi, H. Zushi, K. Hanada

Applied Sciences:

A Single Depth Sensor based Human activity recognition via Deep Belief Network
S. B. Nam, S. U. Park, J. H. Park, T. S. Kim
Biodegradable nanomaterials to treat retinal diseases
Bharath Raja Guru, Madiha Ahmad, Anusha Prabhu
Morphometric Characters determine Tendril Biomechanics of Luffa acutangula var. acutangula
Narasimhan S.
Drugability of secondary metabolites from selected spices of Zingiberaceae
S. Balaji, B. Chempakam
Chemical invigoration to the Aspergillus flavus deteriorated wheat seed and consequent nitrate reductase and urease activity in its seedlings
Puspaa Sinha, Narendra Prasad Roy, Renuka Kumari
Neuro-protective potential of therapeutic choline and DHA supplements in rats with chronic cerebral hypo-perfusion injury
Kiranmai S. Rai, Sivakumar G.
Study of refractive errors among medical students of Melaka Manipal Medical College at Manipal in India
Surekha R. Kamath, Alwin Foo Jar Jun, Yuganesh Chandrasegar
A Priority Based Nurse Scheduling Algorithm for Continuous Remote Patient Monitoring
Paramita Sarkar, Uma Bhattacharya, Rituparna Chaki, Ditipriya Sinha
Analytical study of arsenic based herbo-mineral preparation Thalaka karuppu an Indian traditional medicine
N. Kannan, S. Balaji, N. V. Anil Kumar
β-Naphthol in Micellar Media – A Fluorescence Study
Shuchi Gupta
Synthesis, Characterisation and Textural Analysis to reduce the Multiplicative Noise in Nano dispersed Liquid Crystalline Compounds using HF Technique
RKNR Manepalli, P. Pardhasaradhi, B.T.P. Madhav, P. Jayapradha, VGKM Pisipati
Study of mercury pollution from artisanal gold mining activities in Sudan
Afnan Abayazeed Mohamed, Kei Toda

Mechanical Engineering:

Influence of machining conditions on glass fiber-reinforced plastic (GFRP) composite materials
N. S. Mohan, Manjunath Shettar, Pavan Hiremath
Study of overall performance of an aluminium utensils producing company in India by total productive techniques
Pradeep Kumar, Raviraj Shetty, Divakara Shetty, Lewlyn L.R. Rodrigues
Performance investigation of a shell and tube heat exchanger using nanofluid
Arunachala U. C., Ambuj B., Eklavya S., Vinay J. R.
Fabrication and Experimental Study of Mechanical Properties of GFRP with Cement as Filler Material for fishing boat application
Manjunath Shettar, Pavan Hiremath, N. S. Mohan, Vithal Rao Chauhan, Nikhil R.
Repurposing the Tin-Lead Solder Scrap Generated in an Educational Institute
Ritesh R. Bhat, Atul Kumar, Pushkar Moni, Saurabh Kumar
Thermal Conductivity Measurement of Rubber Added with Carbon Nanofibers using Plate Comparative method
Masaaki Okuyama, Toshio Tomimura
Prototype Experiment on Cooling Performance of a JEST-type Loop Heat Pipe
Ayaka Suzuki, Kaoru Sato, Yasushi Koito, Toshio Tomimura
On Simple Visualization Method for Temperature Field around Miniature Heat Sink under Natural Convection
Naoko Matsumoto, Toshio Tomimura, Kei Torigoe, Chiaki Mizuochi, Yasushi Koito
Study on error factor in temperature measurement of resin printed circuit board by thermocouples and its reduction method
Koichi Hirasawa, Yoshinori Aruga, Yasushi Ohhashi, Toshio Tomimura
Fundamental Experiments of a Vapor Chamber Fabricated on a Plastic Board (Comparison with a Thermosyphon)
Fumihiko Hideyama, Shuto Nonoshita, Yasushi Koito, Toshio Tomimura
Possibility of Anaerobic Co-digestion of Cafeteria, Vegetable and Fruit Wastes for Biogas Production without Inoculum Source
Muhammad Rashed Al Mamun, Shuichi TORII
Characterised Microalgae and Macro Algae for the Combination and Simulation with other Materials for Combustion System
An-peng CHEN, Shuichi TORII
Development of computer model to predict optimum composition with increased sampling rate of multi-fuel biomass for direct combustion based electricity generation
Ranipet Hafeez BASHA, Shuichi TORII
Effect of Impeller Diameter on the Flow Characteristics of a Centrifugal Pump
Mohamed Salem, Tarek A. Meakhail, Ibrahim Shafie
An experimental study on the plate surface flow of plate heat exchanger for various inlet side shape
Ilju HWANG, Shuichi TORII
Characterizing Transient Thermomagnetic Flows in a Thermomagnetic Pump
Upasana Panigrahi, Ranjan Ganguly, Amitava Datta
Finite Element Analysis of Brazing Joint on Cemented Carbide Alloy With Low Melting Point Silver Brazing Filler Metal
Meribe Richard Chukwuma, Kazuya Mori, Kento Takenouchi, Yuki Fijishita, Takeshi Eguchi, Kazufumi Sakata
Fatigue strength and crack growth behaviour of as-cast AZ31 alloy under ultrasonic loading
Guojun Lu, Qiang Chen, Shinji Ando
Development of Device for Supporting Worker on Concrete Walls
Yu Tsuruzono, Kazuya Mori, Saeko Tokuomi, Yukimasa Yano, Naoki Fukutani
Experimental Investigation of Convective Heat Transfer of Graphene Oxide Nanofluid
Mohamed Salem, Tarek A. Meakhail, Magdy A. Bassily, Shuichi TORII
Fabrication of a Two-turn Closed Loop and Fundamental Experiments on Pulsating Heat Transfer in a Vertical Mode
Yasushi Koito, Masamichi Sato, Soichiro Kubo, Toshio Tomimura

Civil Engineering:

Strength behavior of cement mortar assimilating rice husk ash
Muhammad Harunur Rashid, Tarif Uddin Ahamed, Sobura Khatun
An Algorithm of Rehabilitation Management System (RMS) for the Development-induced Displacement
Om Prakash Sharma, Ravindra Prakash Gupta
Scope of integrated farming systems with organic agriculture and geomatics techniques in India
A. D. Prasad
Comparative Study of Permeable Pavements between Shirasu and Sand as Fine Aggregate
Dhruva Narayana Katpady, Koji Takewaka, Toshinobu Yamaguchi
Investigation on the behaviour of Pre-stressed concrete poles of different lengths
Gurunaathan K., G. S. Thirugnanam
Integrating artificial neural networks and geostatistics for optimum 3D geological block modelling in mineral reserve estimation – a case study
Abu Bakarr Jalloh, Kyuro Sasaki
Numerical Modelling and Simulation of Demulsification Kinetics of Bitumen in Water Emulsion due to Varying Salinity
O. S. Alade, Kyuro Sasaki, Y. Sugai, B. Ademodi, M. Nakano
Experimental study and numerical simulation of methane solubility in crude oil for gas injection enhanced oil recovery
M. Reza Ghulami, Kyuro Sasaki, Yuichi Sugai, Ronald Nguele
Experimental Analysis of Wettability Alteration by change of Salinity Modification for Heavy Crude Oil Reservoirs
Ronald Nguele, Kyuro Sasaki, Yuichi Sugai, Hikmat Said-Al Salim, Masanori Nakano
Simulating the Migration of CO2 in Geological Carbon Storage: A Particle Tracking Approach
Arif Widiatmojo, Kyuro Sasaki, Yuichi Sugai
Effects of Kaolinite Clay on Omani Heavy-Oil Rheology in Considering Enhanced Oil Recovery by Steam Injection
Ibrahim Al Hadabi, Kyuro Sasaki, Yuichi Sugai
Studies on neutron transmission characteristics of self- compacting concrete
B.H.V. Pai, M. Nandy, K. V. Subbaiah, P. K. Sarkar
The effect of damping ratio of the dampers on the effectiveness of MTMD in suppressing the response of multi – storey space frame structure
Kiran K. Shetty, Gopinatha Nayak, Dhanalakshmi
Seismic response of a structure retrofitted with fluid viscous dampers in core wall – An analytical study
Avinash A. R., Sachin Kuckian, Mohamed Parvez, Kiran Kamath
Characterization of strong-motion accelerogram for earthquake damage assessment
Sandeep G. S.
Influence of properties of coarse aggregates on self compacting concrete mixes
Kiran Bhat P., Shreelaxmi Prashanth, Dhanalakshmi
Effect of Lime on granite dust stabilized mud blocks
Deepak Nayak, Purushotham G. Sarvade, Jagadeesha Pai B., Ranga Swamy
Major ion geochemistry of groundwater quality in and around Raikode Mandal, Medak District, Telangana State, India
Sanda Rajitha, Adimalla Narsimha, Praveen Raj Saxena
Solid Waste Management Activities in Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike
Naveen B. P., Santosh Kumar Kaddi, Ranipet Hafeez Basha
Study of Crumb rubber for the partial replacement for bitumen or as an alternative material for bitumen
C. Prasanna Kumar, Shashishankar
Experimental study on self-curing concrete
M. Kowsalya, R. Manikandan, M. Gokulapriya, K. Manikandan, G. Pradeep

Computer and Electrical Engineering:

A novel approach for metaontology design
Ankita Prasad, Archana Praveen Kumar , Ashalatha Nayak
Bilinear and Translative Expansions of Certain Generating Functions for Addition Theorem
Sesappa A. Rai
Load Management using Virtual Machine Migration
Sandeep Joshi, Pradeep Kumar Tiwari
Glaucoma Detection and its classification using image processing and fuzzy classification
Govardhan Hegde, Siva Selvan, Srikanth Prabhu, Bharghav B., Goli Haveesh
An Overall Study of Internet of Things: The Challenges, Architectures, and Applications
Chi-Che Hung, Chau-Yun Hsu, An-Yi Chen
A Self-Configurable Mechanism for Smart Device Deployment for Internet of Things
Hsin-Chuan Chen, Chau-Yun Hsu, Chuan-An Cheng, Wu-Ting Liu
Implementation of Smart Air Purification Systems in the Applications of Internet of Things
Hong-Ren Wang, Chuan-An Cheng, Chau-Yun Hsu
A personalized comfort sensing system based on modified PMV Model
Chu Chen, Chau-Yun Hsu, Tsung-Sheng Kuo, Hong-Ren Wang
The design and implementation of an Intelligent Energy Management System
Shih-Ying Chen, Chau-Yun Hsu, Tsung-Sheng Kuo
A Preliminary Study of Location-based Mobile Advertising Schemes with Plot Placement Animation over A cyber-physical system
Ru-Hung Lee, An-Yi Chen, Chun-Hung Liu, Tsai-Yun Mou
A proposed National level Depository for Oustee (NDO) Rehabilitation Management System
Ravindra Prakash Gupta, Om Prakash Sharma
MFAT: Security Enhancements in Integrated Biometric Smart Cards to Condense Identity Thefts
S. Mahaboob Hussain, Prathyusha Kanakam, A. S. N. Chakravarthy
Multimodal Human Robot Interaction
Vivek Singh Sikarwar
A review of service selection in cloud computing environment
Bilkisu Larai Muhammad-Bello
Facial Expression analysis using Support Vector Machine and Gabor-filter using Matlab
Govardhan Hegde, Goli Haveesh, Srikanth Prabhu, Bhargav J. Bhatkalkar
DAS Tondano Mapping and Monitoring Information System for Manado Smart City Mitigation Disaster
Hans Wowor, Stanley Karouw
Children Sunday School Portal Development as part of the Integrated Information System of the Evangelical Christian Church in Minahasa
Yaulie Rindengan, Stanley Karouw
VSAT Network Quality Analysis on Mobil Pusat Layanan Internet Kecamatan in North Sulawesi
Yaulie Rindengan, Stanley Karouw
ARM Processor based vehicle safety system for Indian Roads
G. Subramanya Nayak, Ankit Sharma, Ravi Jain
Passive compensation techniques to enhance bandwidth of CFOA based non-inverting amplifier
Dattaguru V. Kamat
Long Term Dynamics Model of Microtubine Generation System in Connected Grid / Isolated Mode
Sanjeev K. Nayak, D. N. Gaonkar
Fuzzy Logic in Application of Voltage Regulation of Radial Feeder with Distributed Generators
R. Shivarudraswamy, Lakshya Bhat, Anubhav Shrivastava
Model Based Analysis of Three Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motors
Bindu Sankaran, Vinod V. Thomas

Architecture and Planning:

Quick Scan Methodology for Climate Change Adaptation Planning in the case of Developing Country
Theingi Shwe, Riken Homma, Kazuhisa Iki
Plastic bottle masonry as alternate solution to housing problems for urban poor in India
Dibya Jivan Pati, Riken Homma, Kazuhisa Iki
Sustainable Reconstruction: Towards Guidelines of Post-disaster Vulnerability Reduction for Permanent Informal Housing in Malaysia due to Flooding
Ruhizal Roosli, Julaihi Wahid, Abu Hassan Abu Bakar, Faizal Baharum
A critical assessment of India’s national disaster management system: case study of Kashmir flood, 2014
Debanjana Chatterjee, Subhomoy Halder
Identities Sighting Appreciation – Why Urban Design initiatives need to be empowered
Vikas Kumar Nirmal
Monitoring Conservation and Quality of Water
Ravinder Singh Sethi, Pallavi Sharma
Comparison of intersection capacity with traffic flow in 2008, 2014 and 2025 in Kabul Metropolitan area
Qudratullah, Takuya MARUYAMA
Socio economic impact assessment of stone quarrying in Thika municipality; a case study of Nanasi area block 14
Anita Nyapala Okoko, Hellen Kamwele
Proposal for a study on the social and environmental management in the waterfront of Amakusa, Kumamoto Prefecture
Anita Nyapala Okoko, Naoto TANAKA