Message by Roger Serre, Founder & President, IGS Groupe University, Paris, FRANCE

Message by Payal S. Kanwar, Director General, Indo-French Chamber of Commerce & Industry (IFCCI)

The 9th World Conference on Applied Sciences, Engineering and Management WCSEM-2020 with Theme: “Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Age of Sustainability” was held during 17-18 December 2020 at The American Business School of Paris, France. Paris being the capital of France is a major European city and a global center for art, fashion and culture.This conference received 185 abstracts out of which 67 were accepted for the oral presentations divided into 3 plenary talks, 6 keynote lectures and 58 oral presentations covering Applied Sciences, Earth Sciences, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical & Mechanical Engineering, Entrepreneurship etc. However, 181 abstracts were considered for publication in this proceedings volume. The papers will undergo further review to publish in indexed International Journals after the completion of this conference.

Fady FADEL, Dean – The American Business School of Paris, France gave the welcome address during the opening ceremony while the inaugural address was delivered by Budati Anil Kumar, Chief Technology Officer, BRCORP & Gokaraju Rangaraju Institute of Engineering and Technology. Roger Serre, His Excellency the Founder, IGS Group, France was the Chief-Guest for inauguration. Payal S. Kanwar, Director General, Indo-French Chamber of Commerce & Industry, France & India & Rohit Kumar Indian Institute of Management IIM Ranchi, INDIA were the Guests -of-Honour. Harshavardhan Erra, Director Technical, Basha Research Corporation (BRCORP) and India Manager for The American Business School of Paris, Application Collection Center gave the vote of thanks.

There were 3 Plenary Talks by Shuichi TORII, Chair – Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Kumamoto University, Japan who was also Chair for 4th WCSEM 2015 at Japan, Nilesh Arora, Professor of Marketing & Customer Analytics, Director – University School of Business, Chandigarh University, India and Maksim Belitski, Professor of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Henley Business School, United Kingdom.

Proceedings of the Conference:
ISBN 978-81-930222-8-3

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Production and Characteristics of Stable Bio-Diesel Emulsion Fuel
Shuichi Torii
Creating Stronger Entrepreneurial Ecosystems
Maksim Belitski
Static and Dynamic Properties of Municipal Solid Waste Landfill
Naveen B. P

Erosion Control and Analysis of The Slope Stability of The Surma River Using Vetiver Grass
Sagor, H. N., Ronju, I. Z., Chowdhury, R. A.
Experimental Analysis of Fine Aggregate Water Absorption by Electrical Conductivity and ASTM C128 Standard Methods
Rahimullah Habibzai
Comparison and Validation of Frp Confined Reinforced Concrete Circular Short Columns
Sachin M. Kulkarni, Vishwanath K.G.
Mix Design Procedure for GGBS Based Geopolymer Concrete
Bhavani Chowdary T, Ranga Rao V
A Frame Work for Identification of Vehicular Traffic Accidents Hotspots in Complex Networks
Mohd Minhajuddin Aquil, Mir Iqbal Faheem
A Review on Schedule Delays in Infrastructure Projects 
Mohammed Abdul Wajid Siddiqui, Mir Iqbal Faheem
Consequences of Blast Load Effects on High Rise Structures Along the Face Perpendicular to the Applied Load
Shobha R, Vinod B R, Shubhashree G R, Anusha P Prabhu, Yaksha
Estimation of Probable Maximum Magnitude (Mmax) For Amaravati Region, Andhra Pradesh, India
Madhusudhan Reddy.M, Hanumantha Rao.Ch, Rajashekara Reddy.K, Kalyan Kumar.G
Study of Low-Cost Adsorbents for Treatment of Domestic Wastewater
MD Jahangir Hosen
Impact of Climate Change on Future Irrigation Water Requirement at North Eastern Bangladesh
Farhana Parvin, Md. Sumon Mia
Fabrication of Diamond Particles Coated Heating Surface by Underwater Explosion Shock Wave and Effect on Pool Boiling Heat Transfer
Yumanakamura, Shuichitorii, Shigerutanaka
Numerical Studies on Thermo-Hydraulic Characteristics of Laminar Flow in A Tube with Regularly Spaced Dimple on Twisted Tape
Harish H V, Manjunath K, Rangaswamy T
Measurement of Residual Stresses in Aluminum Block Using the Strain Gauge Hole Drilling Method as per ASTM Standards
A M Shirahatti, Vinayak Ratan
Optimization of Process Parameters in Turning Operation of AISI 321 Stainless Steel on Lathe Under Dry Condition
Deepu P Nair, Vishnu Gopi, Anu Krishnan P A, Sandeep Kumar S, Sreenathr
Effect of Pitting Corrosion on 304 Stainless Steel Welded Joints
Kiran Lakkam, S M Kerur, A M Shirahatti
Data Reconciliation and Systematic Error Detection in Thermal Power Plants Using Singular Value Decomposition
Sushil Cherian, James Varghese, P.G. Sankaran
Studies on Mechanical Properties of 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy Butt Welded by Friction Stir Welding
Yogeesha C, Suresha C N, Rajaprakash B M, Sarala Upadhya
Symmetry in Optical Properties of Advanced Material Alloysilicon Nitride in Nano Scale
A. Srivani
Low Wavelength Detection of Advanced Materials in Micro Scale
A. Srivani
Gap Coupled Four Element MIMO Array for 5G Applications
Suhasini Dandu, Srivalli Gundala, Vssn Srinivasa Baba, Viriyala, Chaitanya Krishna
Eye Fundus Images Segmentation by using Edge Detection, Image Enhancement and Density Clustering in Diabetic Retinopathy
Rajeev Shrivasthava, Mohammad Javeed
Performance Analysis of Pre-trained Deep Learning Networks-Resnet50 for Brain Tumor classification
Machiraju Jayalakshmi, S. Nagaraja Rao
Design of a low power phase locked loop for Ultra-Wide Band (UWB)applications using 180nm CMOS Technology
Akash P, Harini S, Sumanth P, Rashmi S B
Assisted Intravenous Anaesthesia Drug Delivery System
Unmesh Deshpande, Rachita Dash, Surekha Kamath
Evaluation of Lift and Drag forces of Coanda Effect based UAV using Analytical and Theoretical Methods
S.R. Akhil Krishnan, Salwin Mathew, Rahul Mohan, Sebi George JohnVidhun K

Blockchain Technology based secured, efficient agricultural trading in Real world.
K Usha And T Thenmozhi
Reduction of EMI Noise Effect in Sensor less Control of IPMSM Drive for EV Application
K.Narasimhaiah Achari, Ashok Kumar D V, Vijaya Kumar M
A Review on Integrated Smart Grid System using Internet of Things for Monitoring and Detecting the Faults
Pallavigajbhiye, Taruna Jain
A Reviewon Image retrieval forHigh Level Semantics
Nishikant B. Surwade, Sanjiv V. Bonde
Using Computer Forensics Discipline to Deal with Deleterious Effects of Cyber Crimes
A. Suryanarayana, Geetanjali R
An Ontological Place Name Disambiguation Approach for Spatiotemporal Query Suggestion Based on Document Proximity
Aju Tom Kuriakose, Sobhana N. V.
Tracking and Remote Immobilisation of Vehicles to Apprehend Offenders
Indulekha Ajithkumar, Harshini P, Pushpa Mohan
Generalized maximal closed maps in topological space
Mandakini A. Desurkar, B.B. Diggewadi, Niranjan R. Muchandi
Object Detection Using Single Shot Multibox Detector
M.Krishna Prahsanna, K. Madhavi, K Dasaradha Ramaiah, M. Mounika
Impact of Rural Development Through   IT & AI
Y. Rajasree Rao, Karthik Vimmigari, S. Mallikarjuna
Diagnosis of Diabetic Retinopathy Lesions using Color Fundus Images through Deep Learning Model along with Machine Learning Classifiers
Avnish Panwar, Siddharth Gupta, Silky Goel, Akash Chauhan
Agricultural Mechanization and Its Impact on Farmers in The North Eastern Region of Bangladesh
Debdulal Bishwas, Samiasiddika Sani, Rehnumamobin Maisha, Muhammadrashed Al Mamun
Modern Agricultural Technologies Used in Rice Cultivation: A Case Study in “Sylhet” Region
Rehnuma Mobin Maisha, Md. Tuhinul Hasan, Debdulal Bishwas, Muhammad Rashed Al Mamun
Design and Construction of Vertical Floating Bed to Evaluation of Red Amaranth Production for Haor Areas
Muhammad Rashed Al Mamun, Asif Al Razi Nabil, Sadia Ashrofi Fairuz
Potentiality of Solar Light Trap for Controlling Pest in Tea (Camellia Sinensis) Garden
Anamica Chowdhury Keya, Mst. Sabina Alim, Muhammad Rashed Al Mamun
Entrepreneurship vision with technical developments 
Venkata Surendra Mohan Kumar Pulivarthi, Jyothi Padmaja K
Virtual meet-ups: A Purported Mechanism for 21st Century Work Culture
Sunita Kaistha, Charu Sarin
Analyzing the impact of human capital on the sustainable growth & development of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs): An empirical study
Vibha Mathur, Saloni Arora
Innovation Capabilities and Its Importance in Improving Performance of Msmes 
Ruhi Ghai, Kashnie Singh
To Study the Role of E-Commerce to Sustain Agripreneres during Covid Age
Ch. Jyothisreedhar, RVN Sailaja
Do’s and Don’ts of Public Speaking in Research Conference
Amit Phillora, Anju Pandia
GDP Growth and Its Impact on Economy- Astudy on select Countries
V. Uma Devi
Does Mediation Foster Long-Lasting Relationships in the Workplace?
Léa Starck
Executive Coaching as Key for Shared-Value Innovation in the Workplace
Sarah De Castro
Surface Seismic Waves in Sandwiched Reinforced Medium Between Two Substrates with Self-Weight
Sanjeev A. Sahu
Determination of Controlling Constriction Size of Filter Material Based on Gradation Parameters
Nasir Ahmad Rather, Mohd Akbar Lone, Abdul Qayoom Dar, Mir Bintul Huda
Load-Settlement Behavior of Bored Cast In-Situ Pile in Coastal Zone
Jayarajan G, Sushma G Nathan, Gurunaathan K
Application of Compliant mechanism on a functional spoiler and its CFD Analysis
Abinash Mohanta, Rishabh Shrimali, Kartik Mathur, Syed Samim Ahmed
Analysis of Radio-Over-Fiber System Performance Against Non-Linear Intermodulation Distortion
Vishal Jain, Rajiv Saini
Parquet Compression in Windows – An Enhanced Storage Style
Kirti Wankhede, Berjis Colabawalla
Entrepreneurship as Practice: A Multi-tier Framework
Rohit Kumar
Exploring the Role of Rereading and Repetition Strategies as Techniques to Improve   Memory Skills and Engram Cells. A Multi-Disciplinary Research
Ch. Suvarna Ragini
Importance of Innovative Edupreneurship: The unexplored Exponential growth towards Sustainable Development
Tanmay Agrawal, Vikram Singh Chaudhary, Aditya Shukla
Review on Internet of Robotic Things (IoRT): Making the World Smart
Arun Kumar Rana, Sharad Sharma, Shubham Tayal, Sachin Dhawan
Groundwater Fluoride Status and Its Effects on The People of The Rural Areas of Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh
Babu Raogudipudi
Blockchain Technology: Role and Impact
Keshav kaushik, Shubham Tayal
Steganography using Artificial Neural Network: Challenges and its Application
Sachin Dhawan, Arun Kumar Rana, Sharad Sharma, Shubham Tayal
Performance Evaluation of Biet Two Cubic Meter Bio-Gas Plant
J Bhagwan Reddy, D. Vineeth Kumar, G. Rakesh, E. Hema Latha, T. Vinay Kuma
Experimental Evaluation of Influence of Temperature of Thermal Treatments on Aspect Ratio of Alpha Particles in the microstructure of Alpha – Beta Titanium Alloy
Anoop Kumar Shukla, T. Mohandas
Seizure Companion
Kosanavamshikrishna, Earalazeevankumar, Gandlalikhitha, Karnati Sainath
Tracking automobiles using block chain technology
Asset Tracking System
Gorantla Ravali Teja, Nagaram Sowmya, Yalla Prasanna, Chilkuri Nathasha, John Wesley
Corona Variation
Vishal K, J Manisha, Aniketh Gupta
Design Mix Optimization of GGBS and Metakaolin based geopolymer using design expert software
Gokulanadh.V , B. Sarath Chandra Kumar
Development of Response Surface Models And Optimization Of GGBS And Flyash Based Geopolymer Using Design Expert
Hema Latha.M, B. Sarath Chandra Kumar
Impact and effect of GGBS on Ambient Cured Self-Compacting Geopolymer Concrete Durability Properties
Dodda Sravanthi, Y. Himath Kumar, B. Sarath Chandra Kumar
Chloride Ion Penetration of GGBS based Geopolymer Concrete with Different Molarities of NaOH
A. Raziya Tasneem, B. Sarath Chandra Kumar, Y. Hiamth Kumar
Design and Implementation of Women Security System using Internet of Things and Advance RISC machine
Preety Verma, Rajeev Shrivasthava
Analytical and Experimental Analysis of RC Beams With M-Sand Using Side Plating
Pulikonda Suman, B. Sarath Chandra Kumar
Strategies for mix design of 3D Printable concrete- An Apercu
Nandan M, Adarsh R N, Aditya S D, Avinash Nair, Manish S Dharek, Sreedhara B M
Water Sensitivity Studies of Stone Matrix Asphalt (SMA) Mix Using Bagasse and Coconut Fibre As Filler Material
S Poornachandra Thejaswi, Micky Anand, Prabhanjan Prasoon, Manoj Kumar, Mansoor Ahamed
G. Prathyusha, S. Akshaya Reddy, Ch. Geeta, V. Sindhu
Investigation of Effect of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) And Foaming Agent for Concrete to Produce Light Weight Blocks
Vinod B R, Narmada D, P Jaya Prakash Narayan, Baddela Venkata Ram Rajith, B Lakshmi Shankar Raviteja
Acoustic Emission Testingfor the structural integrity ofthe Nuclear Pressure Vessels
S V Ranganayakulu
Investigation Ignition Delay and Combustion Characteristics of FAME from Waste Cooking Oil
Nguyen Ngoc Dung
Synthesis and Conductivity Studies on Novel Cuo Doped Polyvinyl Alcohol Nanocomposite Films
Jakeer Husain, Rehana Anjum, Narsappa Reddy, Jaisheel Sagar, Bushara Anjum
Data science for Mechanical Engineers – A Systematic Approach for Data Analysis and Visualization in Mechanical Engineering- A Review
B.Varun, Medhunhashini.D. R, L. Jeryrajkumar
Computational Analysis of Influencing parameters of Aluminium Nano Particles Reinforced Hybrid Surface Composites processed by Friction Stir Processing
B.Varun, S. Gopi, V. Muthukumar, L. Jeryrajkumar
An Approach to Secure Files Using Colour Code Authentication
Keshav Kaushik, Shubham Tayal
Improved Axial Resolution Using Asymmetric Apodisation
R.Komala,P. Sangeetha Lakshmi
Synthesis & Photoluminescence Behaviour of Rare Earth Ion Dopedsr2ceo4 Nano Phosphor for Led Lighting
Paleena Thulimilli
Adaptation of Technology from Acquisition to Earning: Understanding the New Era with Virtual Reality
Deep Dhirajkumar Shah
Some Properties of a Subclass of Harmonic Univalent Functions Defined by Al-Oboudi Operator
A. N. Metkari, N. D. Sangle, S. P. Hande
Role based data management in crypt cloud
S. Soundararajan, Madhumitha I, Sai Vaishnavi N T, Vidhyaa B K
Analysis of Groundwater Quality Using GIS Based Water Quality Index in Noida, Gautam Buddh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh (U.P), India
Kakoli Banerjee, M. B. Santhosh Kumar, L. N. Tilak
An experimental learning of microbial fuel cell for bio-energy and bio-remediation
Ch. Rajya Lakshmi, M. Khyathi,I.V.V. Vijetha,T. Benjamin
A Significant Usage of Version Control Systems for A Developer to Undertake A Group Project During A Pandemic Circumstance – A Comprehensive Study
Maddala K N Ishwarya, Karthika A Nair
Changing Role of HR during the COVID-19 pandemic
Naiymunnisa Begum, Shaik Abdul Mazeed
Monitoring and Maintenance of VT in Digital Era
Mohamed Habeeb, S.K.A Ahamed Kandu Sahib
Entrepreneurship and Innovation in The Age of Sustainability  
Chandra Sekhar Dash   
Design & Implementation of Automated Solar Grass Cutter
V.V. Vijetha Inti,D. Mamatha,Ch. Rajya Lakshmi
Green Fashion Retailing: A Study on Closed Loop Supply Chain for Fashion Products
Vandana Singh, M.S. Khan
Spirituality in Indian context and Entrepreneurship: Mediating Effect of innovative Behavior
Sonam Bhati, Sneha Bhati
Entrepreneurship, New Media and Atmanirbhar Bharat (self-reliant India)- what the future holds
Sneha Bhati, Sonam Bhati
Innovative Corporate Social Responsibility during COVID-19 Pandemic
Yasmeen Shamsi Rizvi, Asma Nabi
A Novel Approach on Properties of Internal Curing Concrete and Impact of Salts
Kastrokiran V, Karthikthipparthi
Direct numerical simulations of turbulent flow through micro channel at low Reynolds numbers
P. Srinivasa Rao, Shuichi Torii
Effects of Salt Solutions and Sea Water on the Geotechnical Properties of Soil – A Review
M. Prudhvi Raj,C. Gajendran
Influence of isothermal multi-axial forging on hardness of magnesium alloy
Orugonda Ravali, Anoop Kumar Shukla, A. Krishnaiah
Design and Analysis of Multilevel DVR with Double Loop Controller
M. Sandeep, N. Sai Krishna
Performance of Big data Analytics in mobile networks
Kamsali Naveena, Nelloju Priyanka
Optimal Placement of Facts Devices in Power System for Power Quality Improvement
G. Amani, G. Pavani
Security and Privacy Issues in Fog Computing and IOT: IP Address Spoofing and Man-In-The-Middle Attacks
Akula Vishalakshi
Conjunctive Multi Key Searchable Encryption Scheme
Putta Srivani, Sirandas Ramachandram, Rangu Sridevi
Function Point Estimation for Portal and Content Management Projects
Sudheer Reddy, K., Mamatha K., Anji Reddy V
Identification of Flooding Attack at Application Layer Using Mathematical Model and Detection Using Correlation
Hamsini Pulugurtha
Smart jacket for health monitoring and automatic ambient body temperature control
N. Dinesh Kumar
Security Challenges in D2D communication – An overview
Ajithkumarv, K.Satyanarayan Reddy
Existence of Triangular Numbers for all Integers and its Related Properties
Thiruchinapalli Srinivas,K. Sreedevi
High speed GDI based Hybrid Full Adder circuit using CMOS Logic for Energy Efficiency
Shaik Nagurbi
A Powerful Technological Tool-Google Classroom: Sustainable Solutions in Teaching and Learning
D. Vijaya Lakshmi
Surface and Ground Water Quality Mapping Using GIS Approach: A Case Study
Surendra H J, Hema H C
Machine Learning Approaches used for Weather Attributes Forecasting Techniques
Gujanatti Rudrappa, Nataraj Vijapur, Sachin A Urabinahatti, Sushant S Jadhav,Prabhakar Manage
Automated Safety System for Chemical Industry
Mahendrakumar D. M., Shivashankara B. S., Vidhya K.
Design and Development to Automate Special Purpose Machine
Sumana U.
Design and analysis of Composite Radome
C.S. Krishna Prasad Rao, J. Sravanthi
Mechanical Characterisation of Aluminium Metal Matrix Composites reinforced with SiC (Carborundum) & Al2O3 (Corundum)
Manjunath K, Gangaraj H V
Fingerprint security lock system using IOT Techniques
Lokesh Kumar B, Arjun Sankar V, Mohan Kumar V S, Anny Leema A
Micro finance and Sustainable Entrepreneurship Development: Evidence from the Rural India
Vanishri R Hundekar
Skewness Corrected Control Charts: A New Probability Model
Pushpa Latha Mamidi, R. Subba Rao
An Energy efficient routing protocol for WSNs using a Relay-Based Cooperative Routing Protocol
Raghavendra Patil G E, Thippeswamy M
File-level Deduplication by using image and text files – Hive integration
Niteesha Sharma
Influence of learning styles on soft skills acquisition – An empirical study
Sanjay K Deshpande, M Mmunshi
Energy Prospects for Sustainable Rural Livelihood in Vijayapur District, Karnataka India
Mukta M. Bannur, Sridevi Bagewadi
Design of Low Noise Amplifier using current reuse and noise cancellation techniques for ultra-wide band applications
Rashmi S B,Siva S Yellampalli
DCS Based Process Automation for Effluent Treatment Plant
Vinay M. S., Shivashankara B. S., Gayathri K. V.
Study on Strength and Durability of Concrete using Supplementary Cementitious Materials
Ashok D. Chavan
Seismic Analysis of Irregular Buildings Resting on Sloping Ground with and Without Shear Walls
Swathi P, Jayalekshmi R
Real Time Object Detection using SSD for Bank Security
Ruhin Mary Saji, Sobhana N.V
Bidirectional Static Load Test (BDSLT) in the Gulf Foundation Industry Anil Cherian
Teaching and Learning with Innovative Technological Tools: Efficiency of ICT Integration in Engineering Colleges
Pushpa Latha Mamidi
A study of biomimetics applied for optimization of structures
Remya P M
Quantification and characterization of size-segregated bioaerosols in different environment
Vasudha V, Aswathy E V
Flood Alert and Early Warning Systems – A Review
Reshma Antony, Abdu Rahiman K U, Subha Vishnudas
Experimental Evaluation of the Effect of Infills in the Dynamic Responses of Multistoried Structures
E. Rahmathulla Noufal
Durability properties of reinforced concrete incorporating nutmeg shell ash for marine exposure
Aaron D Poruthur, Ancy Varghese, Crisenta Boban, Jithin Antony,
Remya P M
Dissociation of methane hydrates in hollow silica matrix with different water ratios
V. Dhanunjana Chari, Pinnelli S R Prasad
Flood Hazard Zone Mapping Using Geographical Information System (GIS) and Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP)
Sudheesha E S, Akhila Suresh, Fini Joby, Mable Mary Paul, Reshma Antony
Performance Estimation of an Outcome Based Education System using machine learning approach
Adiraju Prashanth Rao,Ks Reddy, A Brahmananda Reddy
An Insight into Application of IOT In Agriculture
V. B. Pravalika
Sulphate, chloride and sea water attack resistance of GGBS blended concrete made of OPC 53-S
N.Ramakrishna, A.S. Rao, C. Sashidhar
Automatic Detection and Classification of Pneumonia Chest X-ray Images using Transfer Learning Methods
Siddharth Gupta, Avnish Panwar, Akash Chauhan
Design Aspects of Thin White Topping Pavement
B. Sai Priya, C. Basker
Visualizing and Forecasting Trends of COVID-19 using Deep Learning approach
J. Samatha, G. Madhavi
Empirical Study of Min-Min and Max-Min Scheduling Algorithms in Grid Environment
Kovvur Ram Mohan Rao, A. Prasanth Rao
Evaluate of Moment Resisting frames ABAQUS Software
Durga Chaitanya Kumar Jagarapu, E. Arunakanthi
Impact of Traffic–Calming Measures on Traffic Network Capacity to Minimize Accidents on Urban Roads
Mohd Minhajuddin Aquil ,Mir Iqbal Faheem
Development of Crash Prediction Models for Identification of Hotspots to Improve Road Safety in Urban Context
Mohd Minhajuddin Aquil, Mir Iqbal Faheem
Influence of Right-Turning Traffic on Pedestrian Accidents at Signalized Intersections
Mohd Minhajuddin Aquil, Mir Iqbal Faheem
Evaluating the Efficiency of Urban Arterial by Analyzing Travel Time Reliability Measures
Mir Iqbal Faheem
Influence of Traffic Characteristics on Accidents Frequency at City Entrance Zone Using Multiple Linear Regression Model
Mir Iqbal Faheem, Mohd Minhajuddin Aquil
Assessment of Travel Delay in Work Zones Using Traffic Simulation Modelling
Mir Iqbal Faheem
Prediction of Pedestrian-Vehicle Conflicts at Signalized Intersection Using QGIS
Mir Iqbal Faheem
Estimation of Start-Up Lost Time at Signalized Intersections Under Heterogeneous Traffic Conditions
Mir Iqbal Faheem
Detection of Traffic Accident Black Spots Using Machine Learning Method in Urban Context
Mir Iqbal Faheem
Estimation of Critical Gaps of Two-Lane Roundabouts
Mir Iqbal Faheem, Mohd Minhajuddin Aquil
Influence of Road Factors on Traffic Injuries Using Bayesian Network Approach
Mir Iqbal Faheem
A Research Framework Using Machine Learning Algorithms for Schedule Delays in Construction Projects
Mohammed Abdul Wajid Siddiqui, Mir Iqbal Faheem
Best Tracking Solution for Scale and Rotation Variance
Karthika Pragadeeswari C, Yamuna G
Fibre Reinforced Geopolymer Concrete as A Repair Material for Rigid Pavements-A Review
Peter Cibi, Karthi Lathi
Robust Policies and Framework: A Panacea for Efficient Ppps
Nair, C. Prathapmohan, J.Sudhakumar
Evaluating the Wear Behaviour of AL7075-Mica-Kaolinite Mixed Hybrid Metal Matrix
M.Sivaramakrishnaiah, P. Nandakumar, G. Rangajanardhana
A Fuzzy Algorithm Based Photovoltaic System Fed Novel Three Phase Boost Inverter
S. Lakshmi Sirisha
Deep Neural Network Approach for Navigation of Autonomous Vehicles
Narendra V G
Role of Entreprenuership in Indian Economic Development
Kawaljit Singh
Influence of Latency on Dgps In Satellite Communication
Mohd Merajuddin
Crack Detection of Fiber Reinforced Composite Beams Using Specific Damping Capacity
T. Sunil Kumar, V Ramu
An Approach to Generate Workload for Performance Testing of an Application in Cloud
Poornima Bommannavar, Sushritha Venugopal, Deekshita Savanur, R Krishnan
Effect of COVID-19 Pandemic on Indian Manufacturing Industries
Ramkumar P. N., Muhammed Swalih N. U., Krishna Prasad N. V., Vinay Venugopal, Krishnakumar P. N.
Design and Stress Analysis on Electric Convertible Wheelchair-Bed
Ganesh H Krishnan, Gibi Alex Mathew, Kevin Shibu, Mebin Kuruvillageorge, Cyril Joseph
A Case Study on The Cost-Effective Resource for Air Conditioning System at The Kabul City
Mohammad Azim Rasuli
Crop Output in Uttarakhand: Growth Performance and Decomposition Analysis
Shefali Srivastava, H. N. Singh, S. K. Srivastava
Lightweight Fiber Reinforced Concrete by Agricultural Waste
Durga Chaitanya Kumar Jagarapu, E. Arunakanthi
Impact of Traffic–Calming Measures on Traffic Network Capacity to Minimize Accidents on Urban Roads
Mohd. Minhajuddin Aquil, Mir Iqbal Faheem